Leeds Elementary

Before and After School Program

Program Hours

AM: 6:30 am - 8:30 am M-F

PM: 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm M

PM: 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm T-F


Site Cell Phone: 712-635-1015

**Site cell phone will be on
during program hours.


3919 Jefferson St. 51108
**Sign in/out table is
located at side door.

Leeds Elementary BTB


Leeds BTB is one of 23 sites at Beyond the Bell. We are conveniently located inside of Leeds Elementary providing security and consistency for children. Our staff provide quality care focusing on the following core areas: safety, academics, youth development, recreation/fitness and STEM. In addition, staff and students participate in an annual service learning project.


Leeds BTB is also one of 9 elementary sites that receives funding from the 21 Century Community Learning Centers grant. Children at Leeds may be eligible for free program including before and after school programming and summer program. Please contact our administrative office at 712-277-3600 for more details. 


For more information about our program, please contact our Beyond the Bell administrative office.


To ensure quality customer service and comply with DHS licensing, each before and after school program will have an enrollment cap. Once the school enrollment cap has been met, children can be placed on a waiting list. For more information regarding enrollment caps, please contact our administrative office at 712-277-3600.

AM Only Package:                                          

AM: 6:30 am – 8:30 am M-F

PM Only Package:

PM: 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm M

PM: 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm T-F

If a child does not attend Beyond the Bell for two consecutive weeks without notice, Beyond the Bell will attempt to contact the parent to ensure the child will no longer be attending. The child will then be dropped from the program.

When the child is dropped from the program, Beyond the Bell will let the next child in on the waiting list.

Beyond the Bell has implemented this new policy to ensure families are utilizing are program fully. This policy will also allow Beyond the Bell to open spots to kids who truly need the program and will attend regularly.

Beyond the Bell before and after school follow the Sioux City Community School District’s late starts and cancellations due to weather.

Late Start: Beyond the Bell will NOT have AM program on late start days

Early Out (Due to Snow/Cold): Beyond the Bell will NOT have PM program on early out days.

Early Out (Due to Heat): Beyond the Bell will NOT have PM program for schools without air-conditioning on early out days due to heat. Beyond the Bell will have program for schools with air-conditioning.

Cancellations: Beyond the Bell will NOT have AM or PM program days school is cancelled.

  • 3:30 Snack
  • 4:00 Large Motor Activity
  • 4:15 Centers
  • 5:15 Centers/ Recreation
  • 5:30 Centers/ Free Time
  • Homework– Paper, pencils, crayons, markers, iPads, etc.
  • Literacy- Reading books, Kindles, etc.
  • STEM- Science supplies
  • Arts & Crafts- Drawing, Paper, markers, etc.
  • Fine Motor- Beads, yarn, etc.
  • Large Motor- Gym equipment, games, etc.
  • Instrumental- Practice, create instruments, singing, etc.
  • Cooking
  • Science (extended)
  • Building (construction)
  • Music
  • Service Learning
  • Entrepreneurship (business)
  • Theatre
  • Free Choice

What Our Parents Want to Know

Our most frequently asked questions.

“How do I register my child for Beyond the Bell?”


At Beyond the Bell, we try to accommodate each families’ needs as much as possible. We offer many different options for parents to register their child. Parents can register at our administrative office at 2500 Glenn Ave #78, or at the schools with our BTB staff during hours of operation.

“What does my child do at Beyond the Bell?”


Our staff provide quality care focusing on the following core areas: safety, academics, youth development, recreation/fitness, and STEM. Children are provided opportunities to carry out these core areas daily through activities. The centers that we offer children allow them to choose which core area they are interested in or need help with. We also have additional activities going on through out the school year like our annual service learning projects, enrichment field trips and more!

“Is Beyond the Bell part of the Sioux City Community School District?”


Beyond the Bell is not part of the Sioux City Community School District but we do partner with the district to provide some of our quality services and educational programs. We consistently try to communicate program information with the district and faculty in the schools but they may not be fully informed about day to day programming. If you have questions regarding Beyond the Bell program or need to turn in paperwork, please contact the Beyond the Bell administrative office.

Fee Packages

Families with students attending a Beyond the Bell site funded by a 21 Century Community Learning Centers grant may be eligible to access the program free of charge.

-Preschool students do NOT qualify for 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant funding.

 -Payments are due on Monday for that week of service.

-Our billing cycle will be processed every Sunday evening for the current weeks fee package.

-Payment for the chosen package is required each week regardless of child’s attendance.

-If no payment is received by Beyond the Bell staff for the weekly charge, Beyond the Bell staff will notify the parent of delinquent payment. After two weeks of delinquent payments, the child will be dropped from the BTB program and the account will enter the collections process.

-Payments can be made online, at site, or at the BTB administrative office.

-Ask our BTB staff about our multi-child discount.


$ 24


AM Package

The AM Package allows families to bring children to AM Program only.

$ 52


PM Package

The PM Package allows families to bring children to PM Program only.

DHS Childcare Assistance

We encourage any parent who receives free/reduced lunch to apply. If you believe your family will qualify for DHS Childcare Assistance, please turn in your DHS Childcare Assistance to our administrative office to allow us to open us more sport for other families in need.

For more information please read the DHS Child Care Assistance Brochure below.

If you need assistance applying, please contact the BTB administrative office at 712-277-3600.

Need other financial assistance? Fill out a financial assistance form. Free/reduced lunch letters will not be accepted.