Who We Are

Our Mission

At Beyond the Bell, we believe in helping children and families reach their full potential by providing a safe place to play, creating a quality learning environment and promoting growth.

Our Vision

To inspire families and communities to work as one to develop and participate in the education of our youth.

Our Values

Beyond the Bell provides quality services that are diverse as the communities we call home. We are committed to doing so by offering opportunities to improve the education and life skills built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and a vision of the future.

What We Do

  • Beyond the Bell is a before and after school program located in all 14 Sioux City elementary schools, all six South Sioux City elementary schools, and all three middle schools in the Sioux City Community School District plus Sacred Heart and Heelan Dual Language. 
  • The program is compromised of four core areas: academics, youth development, recreation/fitness, and STEM.
  • 9 of our schools receive 21st Century Learning Centers Grant funding. This allows us to offer free program to families in need.
  • We believe academics is a very important piece to our program. At most locations, we offer after school tutoring from certified teachers from the SCCSD. Please see our Evaluation Summaries below for information about our BTB academic success.

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Our Community Partners

Partners in Education

Sioux City Community Schools

South Sioux City Community Schools

Siouxland Human Investment Partnership

United Way of America

Iowa Afterschool Alliance

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