Frequently Asked Questions

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Beyond the Bell is at a VERY exciting point in our business. We have had many great changes to try and better serve our families and children. We understand that with these changes comes questions for why we are changing different parts of our program! Please read the below frequently asked questions and hopefully, we can help! If not, please leave a comment in the contact area to the right, and our administrative assistant will get back to you as soon as she can!

Most Frequent Questions

How can I register my child for Beyond the Bell?

Administrative Office- Parents may register at our administrative office at 2500 Glenn Ave #78.

If you have questions concerning registration, please contact our administrative office at 712-277-3600.

How can I recieve a scholarship for my child?

You may fill out a financial assistance form that can be found under fees in our Before and After School tab or at our administrative office. Our address is 2500 Glenn Ave. #78, 51106.

Do you have afternoon program on early out days?

If there is an early out before a break or holiday, we will still have program available.

If there is an early out due to heat, we will not have program ONLY at the schools without air conditioning.

If there is an early out due to the weather, we will not have program.

Will you have morning program if there is a late start?

No, we will not have morning program if there is a late start.

Do you have program available during breaks and other days with no school?

As of Fall 2016, we no longer offer services on non-school days.

What does my child do at Beyond the Bell?

Our staff provide quality care focusing on the following core areas: safety, academics, youth development, recreation/fitness, and STEM. Children are provided opportunities to carry out these core areas daily through activities. The centers that we offer children allow them to choose which core area they are interested in or need help with. We also have additional activities going on through out the school year like our annual service learning projects, enrichment field trips and more!

Is Beyond the Bell part of the Sioux City Community School District?

Beyond the Bell is not part of the Sioux City Community School District but we do partner with the district to provide some of our quality services and educational programs. We consistently try to communicate program information with the district and faculty in the schools but they may not be fully informed about day to day programming. If you have questions regarding Beyond the Bell program or need to turn in paperwork, please contact the Beyond the Bell administrative office.

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